Click the CONTACT tab if you are interested in creative cut-paper art classes for children 3
and above! Teri served as a Guest Art Specialist for the City of Ventura’s
2014 Children’s Celebrations of the Arts Program in the Ventura School District.
Using scissors, Japanese origami, washi papers, special cutting, tearing and gluing techniques,
she introduced Japanese Paper-Cut Spring Windows and Children’s Day
こいのぼり Carps
to 52 different classrooms for K-6 students.
She taught cut-paper Animal Art to 4-6 year olds at the Barranca Imagination Center in Ventura.


Target Audiences:   Preschool, Elementary, Middle and High School Programs
Program Duration:  A minimum of 90 minutes is recommended
Program Objectives: To help kids re-discover the unlimited potential of their hands,
              to expose them to free hand cutting, SCISSOR EDUCATION
              and Green Art basics and to strengthen their basic skills and
              language acquisition.

Program Content:

Age appropriate venues are tailored to suit students, audience numbers and student needs.
Programs can be centered around seasonal, thematic or classroom objectives. Because
TERIGAMI free-hand scissor techniques use neither templates nor guidelines, all sessions
begin with scissor education basics, paper ecology, gluing, tearing and cutting exercises.
Sufficient time for Q/A and clean up is paramount.


2014  Children’s Celebrations of Art
Cut-Paper/Cultural Exchange Art Workshops for K-6 students in 52 classrooms in
the Ventura School District, California. Workshops included Teri’s Hand Aerobics
followed by “Spring Windows” variations and Japanese Carps (
こいのぼり), all of
which were made using special gluing, tearing and Terigami cutting techniques.