In order for professionals to understand the basic TERIGAMI philosophy and confidently
teach its educational methods to kids,
TERIGAMI BASICS is a pre-requisite workshop that
is necessary prior to taking any other sessions.

Target Audience:    Introductory TERIGAMI BASICS is for educators and professionals
Program Duration:   2 to 3 hours minimum is recommended
Program Objectives:  To offer educators and professionals hands-on alternatives that use
               SCISSORS to teach basic skills, to enhance language acquisition,
               to improve fine motor and concentration skills and to encourage
               creative confidence and flexibility in the home and classroom.

Program Content:  TERIGAMI BASICS

Program content includes: Hand Aerobics©, Scissor Education, R/L Handedness, Tearing,
Paper Ecology (
Green Art), Fringing, Weather, Folding, Matching, Cut and Stop, Glue and Gluing,
Touch and Stop, Matching, Basic Shapes, Sizes, Donut Cuts, Feelings, Weaving, Half-cuts,
Double Half-cuts.

Materials used during this program include Japanese origami, washi, construction paper, glues,
newspaper and
Elephant dung papers. Emphasis is on free-hand cutting technology.
Sufficient Q/A time is requested.

Other YOUR HANDS CAN! Professional Development Workshops include:

 Workshop Title

TERIGAMI Idea Book for Kids
TERIGAMI Four Season Cuts
TERIGAMI Phonics Cuts
TERIGAMI Animal & Insect Cuts
TERIGAMI Ocean and Fish Cuts
TERIGAMI Alphabet Cuts
TERIGAMI Holiday Cuts

 Workshop Content

Bind a book filled with cutting ideas.
4 season projects using paper and mixed media.
A-Z cuts that creatively reinforce language arts
Simple and fun creature cuts.
Tearing, cutting and half-cuts fun.
A-Z transformation cuts
Holiday cuts for every occasion