Teri welcomes requests for seasonal programs and events appearing as Mrs. Santa, the
Good Halloween Witch, Teri Mouse, Happy Valentine and Magic Scissors. Programs
can include seasonal cutting projects using paper and mixed-media, plaster mask-making,
fireworks, sunflower art and many other imaginative projects.

Mrs. Santa (Teri) has performed in venues for hospitals, department stores, convalescent
homes, on stage and television.
Mrs. Santa loves children and eagerly awaits opportunities
to travel to meet new friends.

From 1996-2004, for the Takamatsu Winter Festival, Mrs. Santa performed with hundreds of
kids and adults on a stage before an audience of 10,000 people. She was the television navigator
for the Winter Festival documentary, and on behalf of the festival participated in events at the
Okayama Toy Palace, Takamatsu Sogo Department Store, Takamatsu Station and the Okayama
Science University.
Mrs. Santa’s famous Thanks Santa song is heard on television programs
in Kagawa Prefecture during the Christmas season.